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FEA Linear & Non-linear Analysis Services

Our company is highly experienced in handling linear and non-linear FEA projects of varying complexities. Our experience in the industry and our excellence in delivering services; has helped us garner elite customers across the world, in countries of Europe, US, Canada, Australia etc.

Linear FEA Analysis    FEA Non-Linear Analysis

Our Linear FEA Services include:

  • Safety margins and design factors
  • Assembly Stress Analysis
  • Part stress analysis
  • Contact Stress Analysis
  • Deflection Analysis
  • Correlation Analysis Deflections/ Strains
  • Position of Thermal Stresses
  • Stiffness Analysis for achieving stated targets

We conduct linear analysis to rule out errors and ensure smooth functioning of your product. In case of large displacements and several nonlinearities in the system, our experts suggest the need for non-linear analysis and deliver the best solutions for a better product performance.

Our Non-linear FEA Services include:

  • Non-Linear Geometric & Dynamic Analysis
  • Non-Linear Material Analysis
  • Time Domain Response Analysis
  • Impact simulation Analysis
  • Elasto-Plastic Deformation Analysis
  • Rubber & Elastomers FEA
  • Thermo-Mechanical Analysis
  • Contact stresses and nonlinear supports analysis

We provide highly detailed models and accurate simulations, and thus accurate non-linear FEA for several complexities like extreme loading conditions, moving parts, bolted connections, non metallic materials etc.

Incorporating linear and non-linear FEA at an early stage

Integrating our Linear and non-linear FEA services at an early stage, ie the design phase helps you develop a flawless product. Due to this there will be very less design iterations and rectifications, hence saving a lot of costs.

We offer 24x7 dedicated client support and work keeping the best interests of the client to the fore.

Contact us to discuss your linear and non-linear analysis requirements with our FEA experts.